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The memories made in wood-canvas canoes have defined our lives and those of our customers. As much as we love the art and tradition of building canoes, we receive the greatest inspiration from the way our canoes support meaningful outdoor experiences and ultimately become cherished parts of our customers’ families. Here’s what our customers have to say.

My 16-foot Headwaters Prospector quickly became a dependable partner and close friend for extended journeys in northern Quebec. You can't say the same thing about mass-produced plastic canoes! This canoe is very comfortable on big, open water and extremely responsive in rapids. It has both a hull shape and quality construction that's essential for long-distance wilderness trips. It's obvious that Headwaters Canoes are built by canoe builders who truly understand what wilderness canoeing is all about. This passion is passed directly into the canoes they build. Each morning I load my canoe up for the day's travel and I smile. Nothing else I possess gives me that same wonderful feeling.

- Tim (Maine)

It is such a pleasure to paddle and every bit as pretty as I imagined, I could not be happier!  I am very happy with the boat, it is such a pleasure to paddle, both solo and tandem.   

- Wiebe (the Netherlands)

The whole experience with your company has been overwhelmingly positive. I will be sure to highly recommend you!   

- Heather (Toronto, ON)

"The canoe is way beyond my wildest dreams - you should be so extremely proud of your work.  You have given me a treasure that will endure all of my life, and quite likely the life of whoever gets it."

- Don (Canmore, AB)

The canoe they rebuilt for us is a great hit with our family. Headwaters did a fantastic job. The care and attention to details they put into the project is out of this world. Communication is also amazing. We were kept apprised of progress at every phase of the project.

- Francis (Gatineau, QC)

I have fairly particular standards for most things and am often frustrated by low quality work by self proclaimed professionals. This was not the case at Headwaters Canoes. They did a truly spectacular job. It is so rare to see exceptional craftsmanship that it came as a bit of a shock. They took what has become a family heirloom and restored it to its former glory.... They did absolutely gorgeous work restoring my old cedar strip canoe. I am delighted by their attention to detail, great communication, and ability to stay on schedule. I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to recommend the team at Headwaters Canoes.

- Sam (Ottawa, ON)

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