New Canoes

Muskrat 14'30.5"13"55lbs$3185$2860$2270
Bob's Special 15'37.5"12.5"58lbs$3555$3030$2405
Prospector 15'35"13.5"70lbs$3760$3145$2540
Cruiser 16'33"13.25"70lbs$3940$3175$2640
Guide Special 16'33"13.25"75lbs$4315$3555$3025
Prospector 16'36"14.5"76lbs$4015$3260$2715
Cruiser 17'34"13"75lbs$4120$3335$2790
Guide Special 17'34"13"80lbs$4500$3720$3175
Prospector 17'37"14.5"82lbs$4200$3445$2875
Prospector 18'38"15"88lbs$4430$3655$3075
V-Stern 18'38"15" 110lbs$4800$4005$3400
Rowboat 14'47"15"110lbs$5150$4355$3790

No. 1 Grade

On No.1 canoes, we use the finest select wood with no knots or blemishes. Wood grain is more carefully selected than on No. 2 canoes. Also, more attention is given to details of sanding, varnishing and painting in order to obtain a finer finish on the inside and outside of the canoe.

No. 2  Grade

No.2 canoes utilize wood which has smaller knots, discolouration or imperfections from the milling process. These imperfections do not diminish the durability of the hull.

Bush Model

This is a No.2 grade with the inside of the hull painted in a colour complementary to the outside colour. The seats and thwarts are varnished and the outside gunwales are painted.



Canvas Weights:
We normally use #8 canvas (18.75 oz./sq. yd.) on the Cruisers and Prospectors and the lighter #10 canvas (14.35oz./sq.yd.) on 14′ and 15′ canoes.


Ultralight PackageDepending on the model, canoe weight can be reduced by 5-10lbs. Butyrate is used to fill the canvas rather than regular filler. Butyratane is airplane dope and is used on ultralight aircraft. It creates a very tough and durable covering. However, butyrate is expensive and labour intensive to apply.In addition to using butyrate, canoe weight can be further reduced by using ribs which are 5/16" thick rather than the normal 3/8". Inside and outside gunwales are also made to smaller dimensions. Lightweight seats can also be included.$800
Butyrate Only$700
Variable Rib SpacingTo give extra strength in the vulnerable rib area of the canoe, the spacing of ribs can be varied beginning in the centre 1/2" apart and reaching normal spacing 1 3/4" at the stem. On a 17' canoe this adds an extra 8 ribs. This option is available on 17' canoes only.$250
KeelsWe normally do not install keels except on the Bob's Special which is built with 1/4" thick ribs and the V-Stern and Rowboat which are used with small outboard motors. However, at the customer's request we can install a keel on any canoe.$175
Cherry Trim PackageSeats, decks, thwarts and outside gunwales can be made of black cherry.$300


Our standard colours are green, red, grey and blue. Other colours can be used although not all paints and colours perform equally well.


Seats are available in either hand woven cane or babiche. Babiche is also known as rawhide and is what you see in a traditional wooden snowshoe.


Recanvassing & Repairs

Like a good piece of furniture, wood canvas canoes are designed to facilitate repairs and rejuvenation. Whether your canoe was involved in an unfortunate accident or whether, the canvas has done it’s time or the canoe has been poorly stored in damp conditions, we will restore your canoe to its original beauty.

New canvas, hand rubbed filler, 3 coats of paint.
- Headwaters Canoes$850
- Other Makes$950
Outside gunwales, one piece ash, installed$175- $200/ pair
Brass stembands installed$100/ pair
Re-install old brass$45/ pair
Ribs (price depends on location in canoe).
- Headwaters Canoes$35-$45
- Other Makes$45-$55
Sheeting or Planking
- 3"$4.00/ ft.
- 4"$5.00/ ft.
End and Stem repairs$100-$150
Replace rib end$20 each
New keel$175


Parts & Materials Sold Separately

Canvas #10$25/ yard
Canvas #8$28/ yard
Canvas Filler$85/ 5 litres
Rib Blanks$8
Sheeting or Planking
- 3"$2.00/ ft
- 4"$2.50/ ft
Outside gunwales 18', one piece white ash$50/ each
Babiche or Rawhide Seats (strongest)$65/ each
Cane Seats (hand woven)$80/ each
Brass Stemband; 4' with holes drilled$35/ each
Brass Tacks$35/ lb
Canoe Paint$35/ litre
Ambroid Glue (for patching canvas)
- 1.8oz$10
- 3.2oz$15