Our Customers

Our Customers

From Cottage Paddlers to Long Distance Canoe Trippers

Customers come from many places and range from cottage paddlers to long distance canoe trippers. Recently we have sent a 17′ Prospector to Alaska, an 18′ Prospector to Alberta and a 16′ Guide Special to Yellowknife. Every year we seem to make at least one canoe as a wedding present.

Canoe Trip Camps in Northern Ontario

For many years we have recanvassed and built canoes for many of the canoe trip camps on Lake Temagami in Northern Ontario. Temagami has the largest concentration of wood canvas canoes in the world. Each summer there are around 200 canoes from Lake Temagami being paddled, mostly in the region, but with many going to Hudson's Bay and James Bay.

We are the main canoe supplier for Camp Temagami Over the last decade we have undertaken a major rejuvenation of the camp fleet, building about 40 canoes and rebuilding and recanvassing numerous others.

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