Our Canoes

People, just like canoes, come in many shapes and sizes. The object is to make a good match up of the user, the canoe and the use. The canoe you want for paddling at the cottage and courting on moonlit evenings may not be appropriate for a month long canoe trip or moose hunting.

Canoeing is very much a felt activity. The most important thing in purchasing a canoe is not what the manufacturer says, but how it feels to the paddler. We are firm believers that people should paddle a number of canoes when trying to decide what model is appropriate. We are happy to give you a canoe or two to try out for a day. There is good paddling within 10 minutes drive of our shop.

Makes and Models

The following general descriptions are an overview of the canoes we make, not a definitive statement of which canoe is best for what.

History of our Models

The 16' Cruiser,16' Guide Special, 16'Prospector,18'Prospector and 18' V-Stern are all made on original Chestnut forms. We purchased these from the Chestnut Canoe Company of Fredericton, New Brunswick when it ceased operation in 1979.

The other models are built on forms which we have constructed over the years. Lines were taken off Chestnut canoes in our possession. We have adhered rigidly to the original shapes and specifications. The Muskrat, also a reproduction, was made by the Peterborough Canoe Company.

The lineage of our canvas covered rowboat is different. A few people in our community asked if we could build a rowboat like the one Sven uses to go fishing and poking around with his young sons. Sven's grandfather built the boat in his backyard in the 1940's. So, as a result of popular demand, we took the lines off Sven's boat and made a form. It can also be used with a very small outboard motor.