Building Quality Canoes for Over 30 Years

Our canoes are strong, seaworthy, exceptionally responsive to the paddle and soothing to the human spirit. They are for people to use seriously, whether paddling at the cottage, or travelling remote rivers and lakes of the North.

Our Canoes



Greater than average depth, good beam and are efficient big load carriers. Prospectors are used by tripping camps and also function well as family canoes.


Narrower and rounder than Prospectors with a smaller carrying capacity. Cruisers are very responsive to paddle or pole and very speedy.  

Guide Special

Part of the Cruiser family, built with 1/2″ rib spacing the 16′ or 17′ Cruiser then becomes known as a Guide Special.


This model has a V-shaped transom on the stern which is suitable for a small outboard or ‘kicker.’ Under the waterline, the hull remains in symmetry with the bow.

Our Services

  • Custom Built Wood-Canvas Canoes

    With our different models, three grades and variety of options, we can build a canoe for pretty well any use, aesthetic sensibility and price range.
  • Professional Repairs & Recanvassing

    When a canoe needs recanvassing. woodwork that is damaged or rotten can be repaired. Since the hull is constructed only with tacks and screws, any part can be replaced. We repair and recanvass our own canoes as well as other models.
  • Parts & Materials Sold Separately

    We often give advice and guidance to people who wish to undertake their own repairs and recanvassing. We are happy to sell the required materials separately.

Watch Our Canoes Being Built

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